About Me

I was saved when I was 17.  At 40-something, I had an encounter with grace, a radical, my-life-will-never-be-the-same kind of  encounter. The years in between professing Christ as my savior and that radical grace encounter started okay, went in a slow downward spiral, back to pretty good, to a rapid nosedive into despair. But then that grace….

That radical encounter with grace moved me from just calling myself a Christian, to actually living as a follower of Christ. Big difference in those two things. Sadly, I think many Christians in our culture are Christian by name only and not lifestyle. What’s so sad about that is what they are missing out on–walking in the fullness of all God has for those who walk with Him, seek Him and love His truth. If you find yourself more in the first category, my hope and desire is that you would find encouragement, inspiration, and practical application on how to walk closer to Jesus daily.

Now about me…. I’m an introvert book nerd. Emphasize nerd. I am in love with the word of God.  I love to read it and picture the people and what things looked like. I stare at the maps. (I said emphasize nerd!) I am fascinated with Bibliology,  the study of the Bible. How did what we have become the canon? What about all these translations? Where did the originals go? That stuff makes me light up like a Christmas tree.

And I love to talk about God and theology and how God is moving.  Once we get past the introvert thing. I’m not going to talk to just anybody right off the bat. My fellow introverts get it. 🙂

So I’m a nerdy introvert reader conversationalist who loves everything about the Bible who like nothing more than to study it, talk about it, and teach others about  it. For an actual job, if I could

If you desire a new life in Christ, to turn from your old self to put on a new self, here’s how you do it.   It’s as easy as a conversation with God. Just talk to Him.  Tell Him you understand you’ve been apart from Him. That you’ve not lived perfectly (nobody has) and you are truly sorry and want to change. You want to live differently. Tell Him you believe He sent His only begotten son Jesus, who lived without sin, to die for you in order to pay the price for your sins. Thank Him for His grace.

If you prayed something like that, I want you to know something….when you did, the angels in Heaven had a party for you. No really, they did!  And I am so excited for you! But don’t let it end here.  This is important.  FIND A LOCAL CHURCH!!  Living for Christ is not meant to be done alone.  If you don’t know where to start, ask a friend, or email me.  Go get baptized! This isn’t required to be saved, but we do it as an act of obedience, and as a public display of our new faith in Jesus as the Lord of our lives.




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